I have been working on us doing a show at the Johnson County Center for the Arts. I got confirmation today, that we will have our Photography Show exhibit.
the month of May 2020, We will have a 16foot wall to display our work, and a space on a barn wood wall, which can hold about 10 pictures, also will be 2 photo bins to put prints in, The Johnson County Center for the Arts has a 20% fee on all sales, However we will also be able to have Pictures that are not for sale in the show, Which we should display to show the public our Work. Many people from the East Tn Area, aswell as from Virginia and North Carolina come to the shop to buy local art work, hand made jewelry and paintings,I will put a Google Ablum on the Facebook page ,for you to upload your pictures to that you may want to have at the Art Center, We will then come up with a fair way to select which pictures we want to be in the show on display, however anyone will be able to put prints for sale in the photo bins, The photos can be Landscape,Portrait,Animals,People,Waterfalls, or Something else, but not a image that would offend anyone.The Eastman Camera Club will be advertised the whole month of May,Dee will be able to help anyone with the proper Copy Write documents and release forms to use.Please contact her with any copy write questions, we will want to have all wall images framed, and done in a way that someone could buy it and take it home and hang it, the images in the photo bins need to be matted in a way they could be framed and sold, not just We will decide in March which photo will be displayed on the walls, to give the photographer time to get the image framed and printed for sale. We will have a opening day event, so the photographers can be on site, and talk to the public about their works.
Any questions please contact me or Dee.
Thank you Lynn Greever

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Newsletter goal by Dee Browning

Newsletter goal by Dee Browning

Newsletter goal is to publish every quarter starting in March, with articles written by other members to submit I am sure this will be a successful endeavor.

I would like to cover a couple of topics I feel is import and will affect us all. First and foremost is that no one is exempt from learning. Even the seasonal photographer can still learn new things as photography is constantly evolving. Using myself as a photographer to emphasize this, I specialized in commercial property shoots which evolved mostly the personal care industry such as retirement communities, assistant living and memory Care facilities. This required that I work without a lot of equipment or assistance and be really good using the ambient lighting without lighting equipment for it could pose as a hazard and flashes were a distraction. To know what to shoot to be used in advertising of the facilities and communities I shot. So when it comes to that type of shooting I can say I have a lot of knowledge. I have done a lot of portrait shots, weddings and events, most using the ambient lighting at locations. What I am not proficient in and that is saying it mildly is studio work. I use my flash so little that I have to play with it first if I plan on using it. LOL! So, any input I can get from those more proficient in this field would be greatly appreciated.

Another is, some are really into the technical terms of photography, that does not mean those who are, are experts, though some are. They are just people whose minds work well using terminology. So don’t be frighten away or feel stupid, if you don’t understand ask questions that is how we learn.

Last is, photography is art and not everyone is going to like all of your images. But it does not mean your work is less than others. What equipment you use does not matter. I like to paint and I see photography in the same way. My camera captures my canvas. My processing tools are my brushes and paints. To add to this, I have heard people say in a derogatory way that a photograph was photoshopped. I like to point out when I hear this that Ansel Adams processing techniques in the darkroom is why we have dodge and burn in photoshop. So please keep an open mind to techniques that make a wonderful image as a photographer artistic touch for those sell!!!

So now please contribute to the club your time, to learn, teach, and share in the love of capturing images at our meetings, outings and newsletters. I like to say Art is creating or capturing what inspires you for inspiration creates art.

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Dee Browning Assistant to the Club President

Dear club members, I have ask Dee Browning to be my Assistant.
Dee is very good at a lot of things,such as being able to help with copy write issues,
and having a broad knowledge of photography, and we both have the same vision of how
to keep interest going, and build on our club and make it better, Dee will be writing
a Qtrly News letter to help keep our club members informed on all the events, and also
help me , in keeping up with our expenses and make it easier for use to keep up with and
collect Dues for membership, which is $10 a year for outside affiliate membership and $2 a year for Eastman employee annual membership.
, and can be paid at the Eastman employee
center, Monday thru Friday, Lori is our contact at the employee center, Dee will be posting
the News Letter on Facebook and in the near future. We plan on having
a lot of things going on this year to make membership in our club a learning time for all.
I have meet with the President of the Highlands Camera Club, and the President of the Twin City
Camera Club, and will be having another meeting in Feb. To work out having some joint meetups and
events this year, When we get this worked out, Me or Dee will be posting this as well.And no
we are not wanting to combine the Clubs, only give members from each Club access to events, and
meetups, so that all of us can have more opportunity to enjoy photography.Please feel free to
contact me or Dee for any questions or input you may have
Thank you
Lynn Greever

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Richard Siggins, Travelogue, Africa Feb 24 2020 6:30 PM Eastman Banquet Hall , Bays Mountain Park Rd. Kingsport Tn 37660

South Africa Photo Safari
Presented by Richard and June Siggins

Come join us as we share photos and stories from our December 2019 Photo Safari to South Africa. We spent a day at a bird sanctuary and seven days in the 100,000-acre Welgevonden Game Preserve. December is summer in Africa, the time of green growth, lots of birds, and baby animals in the bush. You will see photos and videos of dozens of birds, big game, and even some exotic reptiles and insects. We saw 120 different species while in Welgevonden. You may even see a video of Richard participating in the South African sport of Bokdrol Spoeg.

An avid outdoor and wildlife photographer, Richard has been traveling and taking photos of nature since 2006. He has made award winning photos of subjects in national parks in the US, Canada and even South Korea. He has even made a few in our region and his own backyard. Photography is his favorite subject and he is always happy to share his experiences to help other photographers. June has recently taken up photography and is making excellent photos.

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Ron Zucker Travelogue Northwest Naturally , Feb 17 2020 6:30 PM, Eastman Lodge Banquet Hall, 406 Bays Mountian Park Rd. Kinsport Tn 37660

Ron Zucker
Northwest Naturally
Please join Dr. Ron Zucker on a multimedia trip to America’s Northwest. We will be visiting Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier, North Cascades, Olympic, Crater Lake, Redwoods, Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks as well as some other interesting points of interest.

Ron Zucker is a retired professor from ETSU and is an avid nature photographer. He is not a stranger to the Eastman Camera Club and has given several presentations over the past few years. You can view some of his photos on Facebook under Ron Zucker.

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Tom Raymond Travelogue, Feb 10 2020 6:30 pm Eastman Banquet Lodge 6:30 PM 406 Bays Mountain Park Rd Kingsport Tn. 37660

Tom Raymond began his career in photography as a college undergraduate working for school publications at the University of Tennessee, winning several statewide awards for photojournalism. Photography was then set aside while he pursued a career in academic medicine. Following an M.S. degree in biology from East Carolina University, and a PhD degree in biochemistry and pathology the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Universities of Iowa, Oregon and M.I. T., after which he joined the faculty of East Tennessee State University College of Medicine in 1978. His academic research resulted in numerous publications in peer review journals and grant funding in excess of four hundred thousand dollars.
In 1987 he resigned the tenured position of Associate Professor of Medicine to start Fresh Air Photo. A transition that was profiled in the March 1989 issue of Photo District News, entitled, “Is There a Doctor in the Studio”.
Over a career spanning 35 years serving both Fortune 500 and regional clientele, Fresh Air Photo maintained a large studio with 2-3 full time employees plus an intern program with ETSU. We assisted numerous clients in winning recognition from their peer organizations, such as ASID, AIA, AGC, NAHB, Graphis Press, etc. Tom was a recipient of the Best of ASMP in 2008, and received the Silver Award for lifetime achievement in advertising by AAAA in 2014. His work as official photographer of the National Storytelling Festival, with over 25,000 original images, is now housed in the Tom Raymond collection at the U.S. Library of Congress. In 1991, Tom was put under contract with DuPont to document the career of NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon; a project that continued for the next 19 years.
Tom resides with his wife , Cynthia Reynolds, a retired chiropractor, on their horse farm in Jonesborough. Although he closed his studio in late 2017, he continues to create stock imagery and perform pro bono work for ETSU.
Regional Clients: Eastman Chemical, Eastman Credit Union, AFG, General Shale, AO Smith, Pals, Mountain States Health Alliance, Burwil, Siemens, Borla, Bank of Tennessee, First TN Bank, Mountain Commerce Bank, TriSummit Bank, Hapco, Hilton Hotels, King University, Concord University, Bell Helicopter, Bristol Motor Speedway, Food City, Arby’s, Blackthorn Club, The Virginian Golf Club, The Olde Farm, Landair, King Pharmaceutical, Chocolate Elegance, Keisler Engineering, International Storytelling Center, Royal Mouldings, and The University of Tennessee.

National Clients: DuPont, Pfizer, Time, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, John Deere, Architectural Digest, Outdoor Life, Forbes, Business Week, Healthy Living, Parents, Parade, Schumacher Homes, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Hilton Hotels, Getty Images, Texas Pete, The New York Times, and Zatarains.

Community and Charitable Boards: American Heart Association, Hands On Museum, Speedway Children’s Charities, ETSU Foundation, Jonesborough Civic Trust, Johnson City Chamber of Commerce, and the Washington County Animal Shelter.

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Newsletter goal by Dee Browning

January 29th, 2020|0 Comments

Newsletter goal by Dee Browning Newsletter goal is to publish every quarter starting in March, with articles written by other members to submit I am sure this will be a successful endeavor. I would like [...]