Mindy Lawyer

Mindy Lawyer has a diverse and varied background that is truly an expression of her entire life.

She has spent the last 35 years traveling and living around the country and has had the privilege of calling 6 states “home”. She currently resides in North East Tennessee where she came on vacation 2 years ago, and decided not to leave. The beauty of the blue ridge mountains have completely captured her heart.

Mindy’s professional background is just as colorful. She had the wonderful opportunity to fund and run the Environmental Public Education Campaign for the Sierra Club in Florida. With that position came the opportunity to work with big cats at a phenomenal rescue facility. She has been an entrepreneur, veterinary practice manager, freelance writer, commercial furniture broker, and condominium manager. Although seemingly disjointed, the main focus of all her professional and personal activities has always been “people-centric”. Her love of people, and desire to create special environments and experiences for those she has worked with is paramount in any professional and personal situation she chooses to persue.

Her newest endeavor is creating and leading other free spirited souls on extreme outdoor adventures. The “Blue Ridge Adventure Tribe – BRAT” has been created to do just that. It is in its infancy, but the direction and trajectory is set. With new and exciting adventures being planned all the way into 2021, these events will be peppered with the unique, extreme, heart pounding adventure people crave, along with the most unforgettable camps and hikes around. When you become a part of the BRAT tribe, you have truly found a new family.

“The best part of my life is taking people out of their daily lives and showing them there IS more! With views and vistas that can only be earned with hard work and perseverance, there is so much beauty to be found that is kept secret from those who don’t know how to find it.”

Through photo journalizing, she and her fellow tribesmen can share their unique experiences with the world. She is always looking to improve on her skills, but with the magnificent canvas she has been provided here in Appalachia, there are plenty of places to practice.

She very much looks forward to sharing these locations and experiences with you.