Newsletter goal by Dee Browning

Newsletter goal is to publish every quarter starting in March, with articles written by other members to submit I am sure this will be a successful endeavor.

I would like to cover a couple of topics I feel is import and will affect us all. First and foremost is that no one is exempt from learning. Even the seasonal photographer can still learn new things as photography is constantly evolving. Using myself as a photographer to emphasize this, I specialized in commercial property shoots which evolved mostly the personal care industry such as retirement communities, assistant living and memory Care facilities. This required that I work without a lot of equipment or assistance and be really good using the ambient lighting without lighting equipment for it could pose as a hazard and flashes were a distraction. To know what to shoot to be used in advertising of the facilities and communities I shot. So when it comes to that type of shooting I can say I have a lot of knowledge. I have done a lot of portrait shots, weddings and events, most using the ambient lighting at locations. What I am not proficient in and that is saying it mildly is studio work. I use my flash so little that I have to play with it first if I plan on using it. LOL! So, any input I can get from those more proficient in this field would be greatly appreciated.

Another is, some are really into the technical terms of photography, that does not mean those who are, are experts, though some are. They are just people whose minds work well using terminology. So don’t be frighten away or feel stupid, if you don’t understand ask questions that is how we learn.

Last is, photography is art and not everyone is going to like all of your images. But it does not mean your work is less than others. What equipment you use does not matter. I like to paint and I see photography in the same way. My camera captures my canvas. My processing tools are my brushes and paints. To add to this, I have heard people say in a derogatory way that a photograph was photoshopped. I like to point out when I hear this that Ansel Adams processing techniques in the darkroom is why we have dodge and burn in photoshop. So please keep an open mind to techniques that make a wonderful image as a photographer artistic touch for those sell!!!

So now please contribute to the club your time, to learn, teach, and share in the love of capturing images at our meetings, outings and newsletters. I like to say Art is creating or capturing what inspires you for inspiration creates art.