Dear club members, I have ask Dee Browning to be my Assistant.
Dee is very good at a lot of things,such as being able to help with copy write issues,
and having a broad knowledge of photography, and we both have the same vision of how
to keep interest going, and build on our club and make it better, Dee will be writing
a Qtrly News letter to help keep our club members informed on all the events, and also
help me , in keeping up with our expenses and make it easier for use to keep up with and
collect Dues for membership, which is $10 a year for outside affiliate membership and $2 a year for Eastman employee annual membership.
, and can be paid at the Eastman employee
center, Monday thru Friday, Lori is our contact at the employee center, Dee will be posting
the News Letter on Facebook and in the near future. We plan on having
a lot of things going on this year to make membership in our club a learning time for all.
I have meet with the President of the Highlands Camera Club, and the President of the Twin City
Camera Club, and will be having another meeting in Feb. To work out having some joint meetups and
events this year, When we get this worked out, Me or Dee will be posting this as well.And no
we are not wanting to combine the Clubs, only give members from each Club access to events, and
meetups, so that all of us can have more opportunity to enjoy photography.Please feel free to
contact me or Dee for any questions or input you may have
Thank you
Lynn Greever