South Africa Photo Safari
Presented by Richard and June Siggins

Come join us as we share photos and stories from our December 2019 Photo Safari to South Africa. We spent a day at a bird sanctuary and seven days in the 100,000-acre Welgevonden Game Preserve. December is summer in Africa, the time of green growth, lots of birds, and baby animals in the bush. You will see photos and videos of dozens of birds, big game, and even some exotic reptiles and insects. We saw 120 different species while in Welgevonden. You may even see a video of Richard participating in the South African sport of Bokdrol Spoeg.

An avid outdoor and wildlife photographer, Richard has been traveling and taking photos of nature since 2006. He has made award winning photos of subjects in national parks in the US, Canada and even South Korea. He has even made a few in our region and his own backyard. Photography is his favorite subject and he is always happy to share his experiences to help other photographers. June has recently taken up photography and is making excellent photos.