A busker is someone who performs in public, often for donations.  This Saturday September 1 Abingdon Virginia is putting on a festival including everything from fire-eaters to magicians, contortionists, mimes, jugglers, one-man bands and everything in between, there won’t be a corner of the Main Street that will disappoint. The festival is FREE, but you might want to bring some small bills for donations.

This will be a great opportunity to practice street photography.  Abingdon is a great place to photograph and there should be plenty of characters all along Main Street.

We will meet at the Sinking Creek Presbyterian Church at 136 E Main Street at 6 PM.  It is just a block from Barter Theater.  You may find parking there or close by.  We will wander around Main Street photographing old buildings, etc. from 6 – 8.  We will then join Buskers After Dark at the Abingdon Market Pavilion.  The evening event will entertain guests 21 and older with unedited amusement including fire jugglers, magicians, acrobats, beverages and comedy from 8 to 10 p.m. at the Abingdon Market Pavilion.

More info on the Busker Fest is available here.  The festival goes on during the day and you may want to check it out, but we will be going for the afternoon – evening for different photo challenges.

After 8 PM you should plan to go light as far as gear.  Pick a fast (small f-stop) lens with image stabilization for the low light photos. Focal lengths between 24 and 85mm (full frame equivalent) are good for street photography.  Longer focal lengths are good for photographing someone without their knowledge.  Probably best to leave the flash at home. You can bring a tripod but it will get in the way when in crowds.

Here are some tips on Street Photography – https://photographylife.com/street-photography-tips-for-beginners

Richard Siggins will be your informal host for this outing.  You can send questions to rcsiggins@gmail.com or call 423-416-1258.