Lynn Greever has invited the club up to his place in Mountain City for a fun photography evening.  He has tried to have a star photography outing at his place but the weather has messed up the plans two or three times.  This time he has a great backup plan.  In addition to the astrophotography, Lynn has arranged for two models to be there for us to practice our portrait photography.  Will be able to photograph them in front of an old log house, and in his old home place using Antiques in the house as props.  Lynn is even providing some studio lights on site.   He will have telescopes with camera mounts available for the astrophotography.

Anyone who is interested can meetup at Shirley’s Home Cooking at 7pm on Aug. 18th, please come and we can eat a big meal, then anyone interested can come on to Lynn’s Farm after we eat, for a Star Party and photo shoot.


Shirley’s Home Cooking – 3266 US-321, Hampton, TN 37658

Lynn’s place – 296 Pierce Rd, Mountain City, TN 37683-6400.  This is about 10 minutes from Shirley’s